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Addaset Resin Bound surfacing provides a smooth, hard wearing, low maintenance
surface using a range of natural aggregates and recycled glass.

Addaset Resin Bound Decorative Surfacing

The Addaset Resin Bound surfacing system provides a contemporary, attractive, porous/semi porous surface. The finished surface is a seamless bound paving system that is flexible and resistant to cracking.

Benefits of Addaset

  • Porous/Semi porous
  • Aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing
  • Durable and UV stable
  • Low maintenance
  • Creative designs
  • Anti-slip and meets ADA compliance
  • Can be applied on to asphalt and concrete or other stable substrate
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Storm Water Runoff

Addaset is permeable and allows water to drain through the surface and beyond when a suitable base build up configuration for storm water runoff has been installed.

Choices of Aggregate

A standard range of Addaset finishes are available. Each is a specific formulation of aggregates bound with exact quantities of resin. There is a wide range of standard Addaset colors available. Alternative colors are available on request.

What is the difference between Addaset and Addastone?

Addaset is a poured in place hand troweled system. Troweled smooth to level the surface the stones are fixed in the resin. Addastone is a scatter system that provides texture and the appearance of loose aggregate with the benefits of being fixed in the resin.

How long after installing Addaset can it be trafficked?

This will depend on your particular project and ambient temperatures. Typically curing times of 3-5 hours for light pedestrian traffic and 12-16 hours for vehicular traffic should be allowed.

Should an edge detail be installed?

A suitable edging detail should be specified using brick, stone, concrete, steel, or aluminum to ensure that a neat and clean finish is provided. This will protect the edges of the Addaset from chipping.

How long will the Addaset surface last?

This will depend on your particular project, substrate, choice of aggregates, and type of traffic the surface is exposed to. We would not anticipate any loose stone, cracking, oil damage, UV attack, color change, or frost damage within the first 5 years of life. The authorized installer cannot however cover any damage caused by forceful impact, reflective cracking from underlying concrete or asphalt, damage or deformation from “rutting” or sinking of underlying structural layer.

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